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Equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms make up the chemical compound known as tungsten carbide, or WC. Tungsten carbide is a fine gray powder in its most basic form, but manufacturers press or shape it through sintering for use in jewelry, cutting tools, chisels, abrasives, industrial gear, and other products, including jewelry and armor-piercing shells. Read More…

Tungsten Carbide Tungsten carbide is an extremely strong and wear resistant metal alloy that is half tungsten, half carbon alloy.
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Leading Edge Metals & Alloys offers tungsten products to a number of industries, including aerospace, electronics, magnetic shielding, and medical. We are leading experts in our field and we go out of our way to make sure our customers receive only the very best.

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Our quality tungsten-based metals such as our alloys and composites are the focus of our specialties, and have been for 30 years. Mi-Tech provides tungsten supplies such as tungsten bar, tungsten metal alloys, tungsten metal composites, and tungsten powder of the highest quality. We are a main supplier to electrical device rebuilders & to OEMs. We stock most commonly used sizes & materials.

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Our company offers a diverse selection of tungsten items. We have highly trained and competent engineers who can successfully create you a metal solution regardless of how big or small. The expertise of our staff is unmatched.

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Metalmen provides worldwide distribution of all stainless steel. With our wide range of products, we offer expert market advice and complete metalworking as a custom response supplier serving industry.

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Tungsten Carbide

Properties of Tungsten Carbide Materials

Tungsten carbide is harder and more rigid than all known melted, cast, and forged metals and alloys. It also has higher compressive strength, very high impact resistance, high strength, high resistance to deflection and deformation, and the ability to withstand low temperatures while being heat and oxidation-resistant. Tungsten carbide also has dimensional stability without the need for heat treatment. Although there are numerous tungsten carbide grades, all of them share these fundamental characteristics. A few grades are able to attain corrosion resistance that is comparable to noble metals.

The tungsten carbide phase can be heated to high temperatures using plasma, then quenched in inert gas to produce another meta-stable tungsten and carbon combination. High-temperature thermal spraying can cause tungsten carbide to break down into tungsten and carbon at high temperatures.

Applications of Tungsten Carbide

Machine Tool Cutting Tools

Sintered tungsten carbide-cobalt cutting tools, which can tolerate higher temperatures than typical high-speed steel (HSS) tools, are made by manufacturers and are particularly resistant to abrasion. Carbide cutting surfaces are often used to cut through hard materials like carbon steel or stainless steel, or when steel tools would wear out quickly, like in high-volume, high-precision production.

Here are some machining uses for tungsten carbide:

  • Drilling: Carbide is used to create drill bits and other tools that create cylinder-shaped holes in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. These tools are especially helpful when working with doors, windows, hinges, and latches. They are also excellent for making machine components for automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Milling: Carbide is used to create milling bits, end mills, and other material-removal equipment.
  • Turning: Inserts and bits for turning are made of carbide. To improve the effectiveness and tool life of these cutting tools, manufactures can additionally use synthetic diamonds, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), and cubic boron nitride (CBN).
  • Punch and die: Cutting tools for punch and die are occasionally made from carbide. Tungsten carbide is an excellent material for punches and dies because of its remarkable resistance to pressure, heat, and conduction.
Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

Mining Machinery

Some tungsten carbide suppliers are experts in providing tungsten carbide for mining machinery. It is widely employed in mining in roller-cutters, long wall chisels, long wall shearer picks, raise boring reamers, and tunnel boring machines, in addition to top hammer rock drill bits, downhole hammers, and roller-cutters.

Additionally, it is employed in these applications for wear- and corrosion-resistant good screens, sub-assemblies, seal rings, and bushings that are typical in oil and gas drilling. It is typically used as a button insert, mounted in a steel matrix that surrounds it and makes up the bit's body. The weaker steel matrix that surrounds the tungsten carbide button likewise erodes as it is worn away, revealing an additional button insert.

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Mining Equipment

Medical Equipment and Instruments

Additionally, suppliers of surgical equipment for laparoscopic surgery, such as graspers, scissors or cutters, and needle holders, supply these types of equipment, which are manufactured from tungsten carbide. They are far more expensive than their stainless-steel equivalents and need careful treatment, but they function better.

Tungsten Carbide Medical Instruments

Tungsten Carbide Jewellery

Due to its exceptional hardness and strong resistance to scratching, tungsten carbide, commonly in the form of cemented carbide (carbide particles brazed together by metal), has become a prominent material in the bridal jewellery business. This exceptional hardness means that even with strong impact resistance, it can occasionally be broken under specific conditions. While precious metals would flatten and need to be cut, a blow would instantly break a tungsten ring, making it easy to take off.

Tungsten Carbide Ring

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide

  • High-temperature resistant: For steel cutters, overheating is a significant problem. Steel blades may experience a variety of issues due to excessive heat. To begin with, extreme temperatures may cause them to shift in shape. Steel tool deformations like that might make them useless. Choosing carbide blades is one technique to avoid thermal deformations, which is a typical problem. These tungsten carbide blades are strong and durable, and they can withstand a great deal of heat. They are able to sustain good performance even in the presence of extremely high temperatures. The effectiveness of cutting will increase due to these carbide tools' resilience to heat.
  • Finished surfaces: Because it creates precise cuts, tungsten carbide is used by manufacturers of cutting instruments. However, the smoothness and cleanliness of the workpiece surface after machining are also critical. Cutting blades made of tungsten carbide are highly adept at doing those. These clean cuts also make it simpler to use the instruments, lowering the chance of harm.
  • Keeps its edge longer: Because a tungsten carbide circular blade is more durable than steel, it can keep its edge longer and lose it less quickly than a steel knife. As a result, less time and effort will be required to sharpen it on a regular basis. On the other side, one hardly ever requires carbide blade sharpening. The tool has an exceptional ability to keep its edge. This adds to the tool's overall usability and convenience.
  • Reparability: Manufacturers of tungsten carbide cutting tools consider its robust quality. Even if the carbide blades become dull, they are still simple to repair. To sharpen a fresh edge, operators merely need to utilize a grinding wheel.

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