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Tungsten foil is a type of metal foil consisting of tungsten. It has a flat, smooth surface with a black metallic sheen. Tungsten sheets are cold rolled to a thinner thickness to create tungsten foil. Stamped and drawn tungsten foil are used in high-temperature vacuum furnaces, coating, electronics, and semiconductor components. Heat shielding, heating elements, and vacuum furnace carriers are made of tungsten foil. The foil’s thinness makes it ideal for implanting in laminates, other metals, and glass. Read More…

Tungsten Foil Tungsten foils are produced for applications such as aerospace, scientific research, microprocessors, satellites, coatings and others. Tungsten foil is so thin that it may be embedded in glass, other metals and laminates.
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Torrance, CA  |  877-455-5362

Leading Edge Metals & Alloys offers tungsten products to a number of industries, including aerospace, electronics, magnetic shielding, and medical. We are leading experts in our field and we go out of our way to make sure our customers receive only the very best.

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Leading Edge Metals & Alloys, Inc. $$$

Indianapolis, IN  |  800-624-1895

Our quality tungsten-based metals such as our alloys and composites are the focus of our specialties, and have been for 30 years. Mi-Tech provides tungsten supplies such as tungsten bar, tungsten metal alloys, tungsten metal composites, and tungsten powder of the highest quality. We are a main supplier to electrical device rebuilders & to OEMs. We stock most commonly used sizes & materials.

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Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals, LLC $$$

Pompton Plains, NJ  |  800-838-1978

Our company offers a diverse selection of tungsten items. We have highly trained and competent engineers who can successfully create you a metal solution regardless of how big or small. The expertise of our staff is unmatched.

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Metal Associates $$$

Long Island City, NY  |  800-767-9494

Metalmen provides worldwide distribution of all stainless steel. With our wide range of products, we offer expert market advice and complete metalworking as a custom response supplier serving industry.

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Metalmen Sales Inc. $$$
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Tungsten Foil Features

  • Tungsten sheets have a glittering silver shine on their surface.
  • Tungsten foils have a radiation shielding property comparable to a lead plate.
  • Tungsten sheets are easier to manufacture than lead and are thin enough to be punctured with tools as simple as regular household scissors.
  • The foil is strong enough to withstand repeated bending, folding, and retraction.
  • Tungsten foil is simple to use and poses no environmental hazards.
  • Tungsten foil has excellent thermal plasticity. Therefore, molding into objects with cylinder-shaped or intricately curved surfaces is easy.

Tungsten Foil Production Process

The tungsten sheet is cold rolled to a thinner thickness to create tungsten foil. A powder made from mined tungsten ore is formed into a bar shape, then cold or hot-rolled into flat sheets and flattened into a foil. This process uses vacuum annealing furnaces for heating and cooling steps to fortify tungsten. Different mills, straighteners, hydraulic plate shears, water jets, and pressing machines are used to turn tungsten into foils. Sintering is an essential step in the production of tungsten foils, which are made from tungsten bars.

The tungsten bar is rolled through a press, which applies enormous pressure to compress the metal and consolidate the tungsten particles. The outcome is a delicate, extremely thin tungsten foil. The foil has a wide range of widths and can be rolled to a thickness of merely 0.001 inches. Tungsten foil can be available as sheets or coils. While tungsten foils can be finished in various ways, they typically resemble steel.

tungsten ore

Uses of Tungsten Foil

Tungsten foil works extremely well in high-temperature environments, so it is often a component of industrial furnaces. Tungsten foil also has a high melting point and an exceptionally low vapor pressure. It is used to create evaporation boats and semiconductor components. Tungsten is a material that merits additional investigation for medicinal and sputtering applications. Other uses of tungsten foil include:

  • Furnace pillars for vacuum furnaces.
  • Tungsten headgear for the quartz industries.
  • Stirring bars for rear-earth and glass smelting.
  • Large tungsten hammers.
  • Securing rods.
  • Bolts, screws, and other fasteners.
  • Electrodes for the rare earth metal and welding industries
  • Ion implantation parts can be processed using a cold-rolled tungsten plate.
  • Electric vacuum devices and parts for electric light sources are made with them.
  • Tungsten makes up high-temperature furnace heating bodies, heat-insulating screens, and tungsten boats.
  • It serves as a target for tungsten sputtering.
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